State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Tool Makes it Easy To Get A Great Smile

Having a smile that looks great helps you feel more confident and self-assured, and today’s smile design techniques make it easier for anyone to get the smile they want. Each person’s mouth is different, and smile design was developed to enable a customized approach to treatment. But although the treatments may vary from patient to patient, at Dentistry for All Ages, the underlying evaluation is based on a single solid, proven approach.

The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard

Before any treatment begins, every patient has a consultation visit where they can ask questions and talk about the concerns and issues they have. A thorough medical history and dental exam will also help provide the basic building blocks for your treatment.

Once these initial steps are completed, Dr. Freano uses a special system called the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard to get a truly comprehensive picture of your dental health that can help guide the entire smile design process.

The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard uses all the information gathered during the consultation and exam, including your personal goals and concerns, as well as x-rays, photos and other 2-D and 3-D images to help create a step-by-step plan of action based on your unique needs.

Advantages of The Wizard

The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard makes it easier for your dentist to design the best plan for your needs by drawing from the most up-to-date treatment information to clearly identify the ideal options for you. But in addition to providing important data to your treatment provider, the tool also helps patients like you gain a better understanding of the underlying issues that need to be addressed, and that means you can feel more confident about your treatment. Instead of simply relying of your dentist’s recommendations without really understanding the underlying reasons for those recommendations, the Wizard provides a report complete with pictures so you can literally see why a specific approach or treatment is being advised.

Your diagnostic report will also include a substantial amount of information about your dental health, and that means it can play a critical role in identifying pre-emergent issues before they become full-blown problems. For instance, your report may help identify problems that could contribute over time to the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a condition that can cause chronic headaches and other issues. Early identification means early treatment, and that means better, faster results for you.

Plan With Confidence

By laying out your recommended course of treatment ahead of time, you can also plan your financing options so you can handle treatments that aren’t covered 100 percent by your insurance. And if you don’t have dental insurance, your treatment plan can help you identify other sources of financing as you need them until treatment is complete.

At Dentistry for All Ages, we believe in helping our patients become informed and educated about the care options that are available to them so they feel better about the choices they make. Getting started on your own beautiful smile is easy. Just pick up the phone today and schedule a consultation, and Dr. Freano and his staff will help you learn about the best options for your unique needs.