Designing Your Beautiful Smile: It’s Easier than You Think

There’s no doubt about it – dentistry has come a long way during the past few decades. From the types of procedures that are being offered to the tools and techniques that have helped reduce a lot of the discomfort and achieve more satisfying results, just about every facet of dentistry has seen some type of improvement. And perhaps nowhere are these improvements more evident than in the area of smile design.

In fact, just a decade or so ago, the term “smile design” wasn’t even heard of. If you wanted to improve your smile, there were certainly plenty of techniques; but the clear knowledge and understanding of how to use specific techniques, and in which sequence they should be used, to achieve the best results in the least amount of time and for the lowest cost hadn’t fully blossomed. Sure, dentists understood that to straighten teeth in a small mouth, having extractions prior to orthodontic treatment would likely be necessary. But having a clear roadmap beyond that was unlikely.

Today, all that has changed, thanks to smile design. In a nutshell, smile design consists of all the techniques and treatments that are necessary to help you get the beautiful smile you want. It begins with a thorough analysis and evaluation of your mouth and jaw using data from exams, questionnaires and diagnostic imaging including x-rays. That data is put into a computer that sues software known as the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard. The Wizard takes all that information and analyzes it again to gain a crystal-clear picture of both the current state of your mouth and all the steps that need to be taken to help you get that ideal smile.

In essence, smile design with the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard provides a roadmap to your new smile. It can be a powerful planning tool for your dentist and you to help guide your treatment. And it can also serve as a teaching tool so your dentist can literally show you why specific treatments are being recommended or your mouth.

Dr. Freano has received special training in using the Wizard, which means she can help you understand the program of care that will get you to your goal. She also has specialized training in bite balancing which can play a major role in many smile design procedures, and it can also help improve your overall general dental health as well as treat tempomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ.

And because Dentistry for All Ages is focused on providing total dental care services, throughout the smile design process and beyond, Dr. Freano can also help identify the steps you can take to keep your new smile looking its best, like providing regular checkups, preventive care and even whitening “touch ups.”

Having a healthy, beautiful smile can work wonders for your confidence, helping you feel better about yourself and even influencing the way others feel about you. And thanks to today’s faster, more effective treatments – and diagnostic advances like the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard – you can have that new smile faster than you ever thought possible.

The first step toward your beautiful new smile begins with a simple phone call. Give us a call at 859-296-9711 or use our online form to schedule your consultation to learn about all the ways we can help you get the smile you want.