Preventing Cavities

October is a month where you may consume more sweets than usual. Between your local store being stocked to the brim with candy and all the treats your coworkers bring in for the holiday season, your oral health may be put on the back burner. Cavities may be lurking around the corner if you don’t properly care for your smile. Finding ways to practice proper oral hygiene during this season is key to the success of maintaining optimal oral health. Lexington, KY general dentist Dr. Doyle Freano believes patient education and preventive dentistry are two of the greatest tools to help patients achieve excellent oral health. During a visit to our Lexington, KY dental office, Dr. Freano will make sure patients are well informed, receive personalized dental care, and have their dental concerns addressed.

Preventing Cavities

Preventing cavities relies heavily on your oral hygiene routine. Finding the right routine for your smile should include brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, using a fluoride mouthwash, and drinking the appropriate amount of water for your body. Dr. Freano can work with you to educate you on the proper practices and techniques to maintain optimal oral health. Also, visiting our Lexington, KY dental office at least twice a year for preventive care visits can allow Dr. Freano to thoroughly examine your smile to check for any signs of complex dental problems and provide the necessary treatment.


When sugars and starches mix with bacteria from plaque, it creates an acid that breaks down the tooth enamel over time. Tooth decay will set in and if your teeth are not treated, a cavity will develop. Dr. Freano offers a range of restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry treatment for patients with cavities. Depending on your needs, Dr. Freano may provide:

Some patients may need multipleĀ treatments or just one. Dr. Freano will determine which solution is right for you.

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