3 Dental Tips for the Holidays

Now that November is here, the holidays are soon to come. However, it’s important to remember that smile care is a priority any and every season. Dr. Freano, your local dentist in Lexington, KY, shares some of his best tips on how to care for your smile this holiday season below.

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Many patients end the year without getting the most out of their dental insurance benefits. This is because once the holidays begin, it can be hard to remember and easy to push off. However, we want to encourage all of our patients to use the benefits that they have earned for themselves. Schedule your next preventative care appointment before the new year rolls around and you are no longer able to utilize this year’s benefits.

Enjoy Holiday Snacks in Moderation

Each holiday season comes with its own set of delicious, hard to resist treats. However, many holiday favorites are known for staining your smile. Foods and beverages like red wine, hot cocoa, cranberry sauce, and blueberry pies should be enjoyed in moderation. These items contain strong staining agents that may leave behind residue on your teeth and dull your smile.

Additionally, many sugary and salty snacks are harmful because of the acids and residues left behind on your dental structures. Sticky, chewy, or crunchy snacks may also cause dental damages. Be mindful of your snacking this holiday season and make sure you always brush and floss your teeth to remove residues and bacteria from your teeth following a meal.

Look Your Best

Looking your best for the holidays starts with your smile. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you when you enter a room. With family reunions, holiday weddings, and office parties coming up, it’s important to feel confident with your smile, and ready to show it off. Dr. Freano offers professional teeth whitening featuring Phillips Zoom for professional results.

Whether you want to look your best before the holidays arrive, or restore your smile after a few weeks of holiday fun, schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist today.