Tooth Bonding Lexington, KY

Tooth bonding can often provide a quick and economical treatment option for various cosmetic dental issues and common dental health concerns. Our dental care team often recommends tooth bonding for minor cosmetic concerns and tooth damage. However, you should not consider it as a permanent treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Chambers can complete a tooth bonding procedure in a single office visit at Complete Dentistry For All Ages.

Dr. Morgan Chambers offers reliable cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve natural-looking results using tooth bonding in Lexington, KY. Discover more about the dental bonding process here.

Tooth Bonding in Lexington, Kentucky at Complete Dentistry For All Ages

Getting Tooth Bonding in Lexington, KY

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that Dr. Chambers uses to improve the appearance of teeth. Cosmetic tooth bonding is basically the same process as a resin dental filling. The dentist examines the problems you want to correct and discusses the shade you want. We can make the bonding material any shade of white you desire. You can have it match the color of your smile perfectly or make it a few shades whiter if you request.

Once the color is correct, Dr. Chambers molds the bonding material into the correct shape to correct your cosmetic problems. She’ll ensure that the tooth looks natural and that it matches the size and shape of your other teeth. Once you’re satisfied with the result, she uses a special light to cure and harden the bonding material. The last step is polishing it so that it matches the natural sheen of the rest of your teeth.

You can expect most tooth bonding to last five years or more with proper care and maintenance. Because tooth bonding does not last a lifetime, you may need to revisit the dentist for touch-ups or repair at least once over that time.


The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most popular dental procedures for many reasons. The first is that it lasts a pretty long time but can also be completely removable and reversible. Dental bonding can last as many as ten years with proper care, though you may require some touch-ups. Since it can be removed, it’s a good solution to correct dental issues for children as well as adults.

Unlike many other cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding only takes one visit to our dentist office. The entire process is done in one appointment instead of multiple sessions over time. This also makes it one of the most cost-effective options. You don’t have to pay for transport for multiple dental appointments. The material and process itself are also just less extensive than other solutions.

The bonding material is durable and ready to take on the wear and tear of everyday life. You can feel comfortable knowing that it’s good for years and is resistant to staining. The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t come with any risks.  Other smile makeover options are costly and time-consuming. You can receive a drastic improvement in the appearance of your smile for a good price in a single appointment.

What Can Dental Bonding Treat?

Dental bonding can take care of a wide variety of cosmetic dental problems. It can fix anything that a veneer can, but without permanent alterations and at a lower cost. To start, it can treat discolored teeth that are resistant to traditional whitening methods. Bonding material can be made any shade of white that you desire.

The bonding material is also moldable and malleable. If you have portions of teeth that have chipped or broken off, bonding can fill it back out. It gives you back the appearance of a full tooth, and you can smile confidently. It can fill in cosmetic cracks in your teeth, too. Teeth that are worn down can be oversensitive and look small in your smile. Dental bonding can take care of these problems as well.

Each bonding treatment is unique and is custom for your smile. If you have small gaps between your teeth, bonding material can be molded to close those gaps and still look natural. We can provide you with a symmetrical smile. Bonding material can even be used to help with gum recession. We apply bonding material to the tooth root to protect it from further damage and sensitivity.

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