What’s Behind That Flashy Smile Design?

Take a look at any magazine, TV show or movie, and it may appear that “perfect” smiles are an everyday occurrence for actors, models and other celebrities. But in fact, there’s a lot that’s going on behind the scenes that has nothing to do with celebrity.

Most people with great-looking smiles aren’t born that way; they’ve learned about the benefits of smile design, and they’ve found a skilled dentist who can bring together all the critical elements that can help anyone get a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. What are those elements? In a nutshell, they include medical knowledge, scientific advances, loads of technology and lots of experience. At Dentistry for All Ages, we bring all those elements together and combine them with a little bit of artistry to help our patients get incredible results.

Medical knowledge

During the past couple of decades, the medical community has gained a significant amount of knowledge in the area of smile design and all the factors and anatomical influences that contribute to a great-looking smile. Today’s smile design techniques are based on that advanced understanding, which means today’s patients can get the results they want in much less time and for a much lower cost than just a decade or so ago. And as an added bonus, today’s procedures involve significantly less discomfort, thanks to better administration of analgesics and anesthetics.

Scientific advances

Just as medical knowledge has advanced in the past couple of decades, the science of dentistry has also moved ahead by leaps and bounds. Refinements in techniques and materials mean patients can achieve superior results that look more natural and last much longer than materials used 10 or 20 years ago. Training approaches have also improved, and today dentists can obtain advanced training in smile design, bite balancing and other critical areas of dental care to ensure their patients get the best and most comprehensive care possible.

Loads of technology

OK, maybe “loads” isn’t exactly a technical term, but there certainly is a lot of technology involved in today’s smile design treatments. At Dentistry for All Ages, we use a state-of-the-art tool called the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard to help lay the foundation for all our smile design procedures. The Wizard is a program that’s been specifically designed to take in all the information about your specific smile – your teeth, jaw and gums – as well as your specific expectations and wants, and then analyzes and combines all that information to determine the best course of action for your needs.

It’s a highly precise program that yields highly personalized results, meaning your treatment plan will be SMILE-DESIGN-32customized for you. And it goes beyond determining the types of procedures you’ll need to reach your goals: The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard also determines the best course of treatment – that is, the optimal order in which each procedure should be performed to achieve the best results. It’s all based on the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge of dentistry, anatomy and medical techniques available today, and it provides a clear understanding of the path you need to follow to get the results you’re hoping for.

Lots of experience

Experience – lots of it – is the “binder” that brings all these elements together to a successful conclusion: Your beautiful smile. In addition to his professional education as a family dentist, Dr. Freano has completed a considerable amount of additional training in bite mechanics and smile design. All that professional training combined with years of experience in professional practice means Dr. Freano is in a position to achieve the best results for each and every patient.

A little bit of artistry

Having treated thousands of patients means Dr. Freano is also able to provide that extra bit of guidance that can help ensure your smile looks great. Lots of dentists can use established techniques to help you get a better-looking smile; but only dentists with a wealth of experience understand how to pull all those elements together to achieve a smile that looks beautiful and natural.

If you’re dissatisfied with your smile, there’s no need to “just live with it.” Give us a call at 859-296-9711 and make an appointment to learn how we can help.