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Dentist in Lexington KY, Dr. Doyle Freano, offers general dental care, cosmetic dental services and restorative dentistry services. He can address everything from preventive dental care to complex dental problems under one roof.

Dr. Freano takes a comprehensive approach to all facets of dentistry in an effort to ensure that all parts of the occlusal system are working together properly so that patients can enjoy lifelong dental health.

A Dawson trained dentist, Dr. Freano puts the philosophy of complete dentistry into practice, asking the question “would I do it on me?” before recommending a plan of treatment for a patient. Complete dentistry focuses on diagnosing and treating any underlying dental health problems that could compromise results.

Dr. Freano emphasizes the important role of patient education and takes the time to discuss all aspects of potential treatment, including related costs and expected results. He believes the best dentistry is a collaborative effort between doctor and patient.

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