Sedation Dentistry Lexington, KY

Do you feel anxious about receiving dental care? Are you avoiding the dentist because of fear or a previous bad experience at the dentist? At our Lexington dental office, we value each one of our patients on an individual basis. We encourage patients with dental fear to visit our comfortable Lexington, KY, dental office for sedation dentistry.

Dental care can be relaxing and pain-free with sedation. Dental sedation enables you to receive the care that you need or desire without stress and anxiety. We can incorporate dental sedation into your treatment to complete more than one procedure during your visit.

If you experience dental anxiety or need an invasive procedure, discuss your concerns with Dr. Chambers. Learn more about dental sedation options and benefits for your dental care needs at Complete Dentistry for All Ages.

Sedation Dentistry in Lexington KY

Types of Dental Sedation at Complete Dentistry for All Ages

Dr. Chambers offers conscious sedation options. We begin by discussing your needs and your medical history so that your care is safe and effective. Then, we will offer the types of conscious sedation that you qualify for. All conscious sedation keeps you in control of natural bodily functions while unaware of any treatment you are receiving.

The type of sedation you get depends on your medical condition, the complexity of the procedure, and your preferences. We will discuss the options before your treatment so you know what to expect before coming to the office.

Oral sedation: Our dentist may prescribe an oral sedative. The sedative is a pill that you take at home to begin the relaxation process. Taking oral sedatives will require an escort to and from our dental office.

Nitrous Oxide: A sedative that you inhale through a tiny cannula that your dentist will place beneath your nostrils. Nitrous Oxide takes effect quickly and wears off almost as soon as we remove the cannula. For your safety, please have a reliable ride home after your treatment.

IV Sedation: Dr. Chambers is one of a few area dentists that has the training and certification to safely provide IV sedation. This type of sedation has the deepest effect and will require up to 24 hours to fully dissipate. You should refrain from driving for the remainder of the day. Please have a reliable ride home after your treatment.

More Ways To Help Manage Your Dental Fear

Dealing with dental fears can be tricky for most patients. We understand that some patients with dental fear rarely get the dental services they need. That’s why we work closely with them to help them feel comfortable while they are receiving their treatments. It’s easy to tell patients that they shouldn’t let dental fear get in the way of visiting a dentist, but it’s not that simple.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep you relaxed and comfortable for your visit to our Lexington dental office:

  1. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques. Finding ways to incorporate breathing techniques to relax your body can alleviate some dental fear you may experience.
  2. Find ways to distract yourself. Try listening to music or watching your favorite show while receiving your dental treatment. Finding ways to distract yourself while receiving your treatment can keep your mind off your dental anxiety.
  3. Discuss your dental fear and dental anxiety with Dr. Chambers. Letting your dentist know about your dental fear helps them better assess your condition. Then they will develop the most relevant and personalized treatment plan for you.
  4. Ask Dr. Chambers about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a great way to help patients with dental fear relax during their treatment. Dr. Chambers will ask about your medical history to find the right form of sedation for you.

Dental Sedation is The Solution for Anxious Patients

Schedule a visit to our Lexington dental office to explore your sedation options with Dr. Chambers. We welcome new patients with dental anxiety or fears of the dental office setting. Our team works with you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in a stress-free compassionate environment.