Love Like Carolyn: Give Back A Smile

Dr. Doyle Freano and our entire dental care team are honored to be apart of the Love Like Carolyn campaign.

Love Like Carolyn is a smile give back program initiated by one of our dear clients, Carolyn. Carolyn’s friend Patricia was missing all of her teeth. She struggled with eating, speaking and felt self-conscious of her toothless smile. Unable to afford dental treatment, Patricia lived her life with out teeth.

Carolyn approached Dr. Freano and made a deal. Dr. Freano and our staff would volunteer their time and Carolyn with financially back the supplies needed to replace Patricia’s teeth.

“I feel better now about myself than I have felt. I was living in pure misery. My self-esteem is not low like it used to be, it’s a great impact… “Patricia

Hear Patricia’s Story

You Can Love Like Carolyn, Too

Dr. Freano has since helped another patient receive a smile through the Love Like Carolyn campaign.  We are encouraging more patients to help a friend in need. Giving back a smile can improve the lives of everyone involved.

“We can’t make it a perfect world we can’t make it a fair world but occasionally we can just, for one person, two people, three people, help something. I’m pleased to be apart of it.” Carolyn

If you have a friend who is in need of a restorative dental services or a cosmetic dental smile makeover, contact our Lexington, KY dentist office today. We will conduct an initial interview of both the prospective patient and the donor. We are looking for patients who are excited about getting new teeth and who can commit their time to treatment.

Love Like Carolyn, give back a smile, for a lifetime of happiness.