Keeping Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

This holiday season, it’s important to enjoy parties and time with friends and family. However, it’s also important to remember to keep up with your dental health. Here we will review some tips for patients to keep up with their oral health at home and in our Lexington, KY, dental office. We’re here to help patients stay healthy all year round.

Oral Health in Lexington, Kentucky

Oral Health Tips for This Holiday in Lexington, KY

Keep your oral health in mind this holiday season and follow these tips to maintain a healthy smile:

Avoid Overly Hard or Crunchy Foods

Eating nuts, toffee, hard gingerbread, or other treats can damage your smile. Not to mention that you can easily chip or break a tooth, especially if you are older or have worn or sensitive teeth. It’s also important to avoid these foods if you have symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). These bite disorders place pressure on teeth, jaw joints, and facial muscles. 

Watch You Sugar Intake

Moderation is key, especially around the holidays. You can enjoy desserts and sweet treats, but remember to brush and floss twice daily. Sugary foods and drinks attract harmful bacteria that contribute to issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Harmful bacteria feed on food debris and create digestive acids that irritate the gum tissue and wear the tooth enamel.


Sparking juices, wine, tea, and coffee can contain sugars and acids that coat the teeth and gums. These beverages can also stain teeth. Drinking enough water can prevent dry mouth and improve saliva production to help wash away food debris. Drink water when enjoying holiday drinks and snacks to wash away sugar and decrease the buildup of bacteria in your smile. 

Schedule Regular Visits

Remember to schedule a dental visit every six months. It’s especially important to visit the dentist if you haven’t been in many months or even years. If you have not been to the dentist in over six months, feel free to schedule a visit. At routine appointments, our hygienists provide cleanings to remove bacterial buildup. Additionally, we take dental x-rays and examine the smile to find symptoms of developing dental problems. Regular dental visits keep your smile healthy and help prevent the chance of dental problems from progressing.

Do you need to schedule a routine dental visit? call 859-251-3809. You may also request a dental appointment with Dr. Doyle Freano online. Enjoy the holiday season, and remember to keep up a good routine over the holidays!