Finding the Right Dentist for Your Family

Taking care of your family’s dental health isn’t always easy. Between coordinating appointments and making sure everyone has the proper hygiene tools they need, it’s a lot to keep track of. With the right family dentist in Lexington, KY, you could help streamline your family’s oral care and reduce stress. A family dentist specializes in treating the dental needs of patients of all ages. The right one could provide a one-stop dental office for every member of your family.

The right family DENTIST in LEXINGTON KY could help protect your family's oral health

How to Find a Family Dentist in Lexington, KY

Picking out the right family dentist may take some time. If you don’t do your research ahead of time, your family may not get the dental care they need. While you can’t know for sure if an office is right until your first appointment, there are some things to consider when narrowing down your choices.


Where your family dentist is located can play a crucial role in your decision. You’ll want to consider the location of your home, your work, and your child’s school. Ideally, your dental office should be somewhere that’s central to all of these places. This way, you can more easily get to and from your appointments. If your office is located too far away, there’s often a greater chance that you could miss your appointments and negatively affect your oral health.

Years of Service

How long a family dentist has been working in your town could help impact your family’s dental care. A family dentist typically provides general and preventive services, sometimes with cosmetic and restorative treatment as well. But if you or someone in your family needs specialty care, they may not be able to treat you. However, someone with local connections could offer a referral to a specialist. Getting a referral often makes it easier to schedule appointments and get the care you need.

Compassionate Team Members

Many patients experience some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist, especially children. Working with a dental care team that understands this anxiety and treats your family with compassion could help improve your oral health. When you make your initial call, pay attention to how you feel after. If you felt like you were rushed or didn’t feel comfortable asking questions, you may want to look for a different office. Your initial consultation can also be a great measure for future appointments. Getting to meet with your dentist ahead of time could help you determine whether or not they’re right for your family.

If you want to streamline your family’s dental care, Complete Dentistry is here to help. We offer compassionate and comprehensive treatment for patients of all ages. Call our office today at 859-251-3809 to schedule a consultation and see if we’re the right fit for your family.