Millions of people are affected by bruxism, or teeth grinding. Patients with bruxism grind or clench their teeth. Most people grind their teeth at night and as a result, may not realize that they have a problem. Instead, they may notice that they have headaches, sore jaws, or worn teeth.

Dr. Freano practices “complete dentistry” and seeks to identify the underlying cause of teeth grinding for a more comfortable, permanent solution. Teeth grinding can damage both the teeth and the gums and eventually lead to tooth loss if untreated.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the clinical term for tooth grinding and clenching.

Common signs and symptoms of bruxism

  • Worn teeth
  • Dull or abraded tooth enamel
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Broken fillings and/or crowns
  • Headaches, especially in the morning
  • Jaw pain or soreness

Teeth Grinding Treatment

Dr. Freano will perform a thorough exam to evaluate a patient’s bite and determine the cause of teeth grinding. As with treating a temporomandibular disorder, restoring balance to the bite will provide lasting , comfortable results and help to support long term oral health.

Mouth guard or dental splint: an oral appliance such as a mouth guard or dental splint can reduce stress on the jaw joint and relieve symptoms.

Bite equilibration therapy: bite correction therapy is designed to address tooth damage and misalignment that is affecting the balance of the bite. Dr. Freano may recommend a variety of restorative dental procedures or orthodontics to restore lasting dental health.

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