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The prompt replacement of missing teeth is key, and not only for the beauty of your smile. You can avoid complex dental health problems down the road by seeking treatment early. These problems can begin to form after tooth loss, which often reduce replacement options. Your dentist in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Doyle Freano works with patients who have lost teeth and need dentures. He will decide which quality missing tooth options are best for your dental health and cosmetic dentistry goals.

Dentures in Lexington, KY from Dr. Freano

Dr. Freano offers dentures, partial dentures, and implant-secured dentures to replace one or more missing teeth. Both full and partial dentures can be removable or fixed, which depends on the method your dentist chooses to secure the denture.

Dr. Freano often recommends embracing dental implants to secure a denture or partial denture. He is one of a few area dentists providing complete and thorough dental implant services. This common procedure called “all-on-four” creates a highly secure fit. Using dental implants to secure an appliance such as a dental bridge affords many key dental health benefits:

  • Reduced bone loss in your jaw
  • Secure and stable fit
  • Patients can eat and speak normally
  • No need for daily adhesives and concerns over slippage

Types of Dentures

implant retained denture in Lexington Kentucky

All-on-4 Implant Denture

There are many types of dentures that Dr. Freano, your Lexington KY dentist, offers. Dr. Freano will help you choose the type of denture that is right for you. He will assess your condition during a comprehensive exam and discuss your personal concerns.

Partial Denture: Almost the same as a dental bridge, a partial denture replaces many missing teeth. We use this restoration to replace consecutive lost teeth. What’s more, the process does not affect your remaining teeth.

Full Dentures: Complete dentures replace all of a person’s upper or lower teeth. Although this is the traditional way of replacing a full row of teeth, today’s modern dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than you think.

Implant-secured Dentures: Permanently attached to the jaw using dental implants, implant-secured dentures provide the highest rate of patient happiness. They sit on implants, instead of your gums. Therefore they are much more comfortable and do not require denture creams. This option is best for long-time denture wearers, also known as implant-retained dentures and All-on-four dentures.

Learn more about dental implants vs. dentures.

Video Testimonials: Smile with Confidence

Denture FAQs

 Can you restore old dentures?

We do not recommend restoring old dentures if they do not fit like they used to and are causing pain. Your mouth changes over time. Traditional dentures do not support healthy jawbone growth or provide protection from receding gums. We do however recommend getting new dentures to save you time and money.

Can anyone with missing teeth get dentures?

Yes. Almost anyone can get dentures to replace a full row of missing teeth. In rare cases, patients with severe gum disease will have to get periodontal treatment before getting dentures.

What are the best dentures to get?

It will depend on many factors. Many patients qualify for most options, so it will depend mostly on your preference and budget. Dr. Freano will determine which option is best for your unique smile after a thorough dental exam.

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

On average, you can expect to wait between 6 and 8 weeks for new dentures after your initial exam. Sometimes we provide immediate dentures, or same-day dentures, as a temporary restoration while you wait for your new dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors: A Lasting Smile

Later in life, our gums may recede, exposing the root surfaces of our natural teeth. A number of factors can cause gum recession, including trauma, gum-related disease, hard brushing, and genetic predisposition. Root exposure is a problem mainly because of the material that covers root surfaces. We call this material “Cementum”. It is much softer than enamel and more sensitive to decay.

In addition, certain antibiotics can limit the flow of saliva, which is a protective buffer against cavities. For this reason, older patients must take special care to brush and floss daily. They should visit the dentist on a schedule to ensure that root cavities do not occur.

For elderly patients with dentures, routine dental visits are also important. Dr. Freano can place a properly fitting denture, and also examine your mouth for signs of gum-related disease and oral cancer. Both of these diseases are treatable when caught early.

In addition to brushing and flossing, a healthy diet and exercise are key for older adults that want to maintain the healthiest mouth possible. Certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes directly affect oral health. Living a better lifestyle can lessen our risks for these diseases.

What About Appearance?

We understand that looks are also important to our older adult patients. Dr. Freano can address certain cosmetic issues that are common as we age. We fix tooth stains, cracks and chips, and gaps in your smile.

Throughout our lives, our teeth may begin to darken due to staining or may abrade due to parafunctional habits. These habits include biting your nails, using your teeth to open things, or chewing ice. Dr. Freano can provide teeth whitening and porcelain veneers for older patients who want to improve the look of their smiles!

If you have any questions about certain oral health concerns for older patients, please pause and ask Dr. Freano during your next dental exam! Request an appointment online or please call 859.554.1586 today.