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Do you have crooked teeth but don’t want metal braces? Dr. Doyle Freano is an Invisalign® provider in Lexington, KY. He provides orthodontic Invisalign treatment for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues. 

Available for both teens and adults, Invisalign is often recommended as an alternative to traditional metal braces for the treatment of a range of dental health or cosmetic dentistry concerns. Invisalign provides several benefits to oral health as well as the convenience of comfortable, removable retainers.

Invisalign Treatment in Lexington, Kentucky

How Does Invisalign Work?

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Freano in his Lexington dental office. Once he’s determined Invisalign is right for you, Dr. Freano will create a customized treatment plan, take an impression of your teeth and send them to the Invisalign laboratory. A series of custom, clear aligner trays will be made for your teeth.

Most patients will receive several sets of trays, each pair to be worn for about two weeks to gradually reposition the teeth. The length of treatment depends on your condition as well as your goals. Generally speaking, treatment takes 11 to 13 months, but some patients may achieve the results they want in as few as 8 months.

Special retainers and follow-up visits with Dr. Freano will help ensure you maintain your new straighter smile!

Invisalign FAQs

Learn more about Invisalign treatment as we answer these frequently asked questions: 

How many hours a day do you really need to wear Invisalign?

Patients should wear Invisalign for 22 hours per day. The only times that patients should remove their Invisalign is when they eat, drink, brush their teeth, or want to clean their aligners. Wearing the aligners in this way can lessen overall treatment time. 

Does Invisalign stain?

Invisalign aligners can become stained over time, depending on the diet and oral habits of the patient wearing them. There are some foods and drinks that are known to stain aligners more than others. Red wine, grape juice, coffee, and other strongly colored drinks can stain your Invisalign.

Even if you remove your Invisalign while drinking them, any dye and residue left on the surface of teeth can be transferred to your aligner and cause it to become discolored. Avoiding drinking deeply colored drinks is a good way to keep your Invisalign aligners clear.

What can you clean Invisalign with?

Patients clean their Invisalign using many different methods. Many rinse their aligners with cold water after brushing their teeth and then use a small amount of soap to brush and clean them. Others may use a mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water to soak aligners in. Patients are advised to clean their aligners at least once a day but preferably each time after eating. 

How quickly do teeth move with Invisalign?

Most patients begin to see changes in the alignment of their teeth after two to three months after beginning treatment. Patients need to keep in mind that their entire and bone alignment is being shifted, which is a slow process. Your mouth and jaw must gradually move and adjust throughout the realigning process so that progress is not too abrupt for the body.

How much does Invisalign cost?

After a thorough exam and discussion of your dental health and cosmetic goals, Dr. Freano will create a personalized plan of treatment. Treatment cost depends on the number of aligners needed to achieve the desired result and the length of treatment. Everyone’s smile is unique.

You may be surprised to find out how affordable Invisalign can be. Dr. Freano can help you find the monthly payment that fits your budget. Calculate your Invisalign treatment cost at:

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