As a family dentist, Dr. Freano provides pediatric dental services in his Lexington dentist office. Family dentistry is both convenient and beneficial for establishing good oral hygiene routines at an early age. Preventive care and conservative treatments are the main focus of our children’s dentistry program.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Preventing tooth cavities in children

Tooth cavities are as common in young children as they are in adults and understanding how to prevent tooth decay is the key to maintaining a healthy smile.

dr-freano-pediatric-patientDr. Freano and his staff take time to educate patients on their dental health and how best to maintain and improve it. Teaching the youngest patients how to brush and floss effectively is an important part of routine preventive dental care and the foundation of lifelong dental health.

A healthy diet with limited added sugars can go a long way toward reducing the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Be sure your child drinks plenty of water during and after meals to rinse sugars and food debris from the teeth and gums. Visit Dr. Freano twice a year for check ups, dental cleanings and the preventive treatments that will keep their teeth strong and healthy as they grow.

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