3 Worst Snacks For Your Smile

affordable general dentistry in Lexington KentuckyAs the COVID-19 crisis persists, many people have been stuck in their homes for extended periods of time. Some of our patients have asked us about what snacks they should avoid keeping around their homes for the wellbeing of their dental health. As your trusted dentist in Lexington, KY, we’ve put together a small list of snacks it’s best to avoid. Here are three snacks that do the most damage to your dental health:


Gummy candy, sour candy, or chewy candy can do a lot of damage to your dental health. You can actually feel the sugars as they stick to your teeth surfaces. Additionally, this sticky residue only makes the sugars harder to remove from your teeth.

Most of these candies also contain harmful acids that eat away at your enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity later on. Worst of all, these candies rarely contain necessary vitamins or minerals. A better alternative to satisfying a sweet tooth would be to eat some apple slices. Apple slices not only leave you with fresher breath, but they also are full of Vitamin C, which helps your body fight off harmful infections like gum disease.

Potato Chips

A bowl full of potato chips can do just as much damage to your teeth as a bowl full of candy. This is because potato chips contain excessive amounts of starches that break down into sugars. These sugars feed the bacteria left on your teeth surfaces and can harden into plaque or tartar if left there long enough.

Additionally, chips can be very crunchy which can agitate sore jaw muscles. If you have a TMJ disorder or chronic jaw pain, it is best to opt for softer snacks like cheese. You can buy sliced cheese, cubed cheese, or string cheese. This snack is not only easier to chew, but it also contains calcium which helps keep your teeth strong and healthy.


While this is technically a beverage, soda contains so much sugar that it might as well be a snack. Sodas typically contain artificial colorings, which are composed of staining agents. These staining agents make a home on your teeth and can leave them discolored or dull.

Similarly, coffee and tea will also have a negative impact on your smile over time. Even if you choose sugar-free soda, it still contains a lot of acids that eat away at your teeth surfaces. It is best to avoid soda altogether and instead opt for a glass of water. Your teeth will thank you later!

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