Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

Do you need a tooth removed but are scared of the pain? We can provide comfortable dental extractions for patients. Extractions can also ultimately relieve pain from infected, damaged, and impacted teeth. We perform tooth extraction treatment as a part of general dentistry in our Lexington, KY office for patients with severely broken teeth, infected teeth, damaged teeth, and wisdom teeth.

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

Comfortable Dental Extractions

Depending on the type of extraction, you can receive local anesthetic or dental sedation. Simple extractions that remove teeth above the gum line may only require anesthetic to numb the treated area.

More complex extractions like wisdom teeth will require dental sedation. Sedation is a dental tool we use to ensure that patinets feel relaxed and do not feel pain or discomfort during treatment. Different types of dental sedation treatments we offer in our office include oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. We may recommend one sedation method over the other based on your anxieties and medical needs. For instance, we will not recommend IV sedation for patients who fear needles. We will also not recommend nitrous oxide for patients who have difficulty breathing. 

Oral sedation is taken by a pill. Also known as oral conscious sedation, patients may stay awake or conscious during their treatment but will not feel any pain. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, may leave patients feeling happy or giggly but without discomfort during treatment. IV sedation, also known as twilight sedation, can put patients to sleep, so they will be unaware of their treatment. 

How Tooth Extractions Can Relieve Pain

Dental extractions are the final option for patients with severely infected teeth. If patients have extensive tooth damage and are past the need for a filling or a root canal, we will recommend an extraction. Patients with severe tooth decay may require an extraction as harmful bacteria break down their natural teeth. These bacteria can also affect the nerves within the tooth, which leads to increased sensitivity and pain.

Damaged teeth can create pain if patients do not receive the correct restorations to protect their smiles. Living with already damaged teeth can make biting and chewing painful. Infections can also easily enter damaged teeth.

Additionally, most patients will need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth can cause pain if impacted, meaning there is not enough room for the teeth to emerge. As a result, the wisdom teeth can break adjacent teeth as they grow at different angles.

It’s important to visit the dentist regularly to keep track of our patient’s oral health. Problems like impacted wisdom teeth and tooth decay can quickly affect the smile’s comfort.

If you need one or more teeth removed, Complete Dentistry for All Ages for comfortable extractions in our Lexington office at 859-251-3809. Feel free to request a dental consultation with Dr. Morgan Chambers online. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have a sudden dental problem and require care; we’re here to restore comfort and functionality to your smile.