COViD-19: Stay Healthy Together, From A Distance

Stay Healthy Together, From A Distance

Update: February 23,2021

This is our commitment to our patients as your healthcare partner during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Freano has made changes to our dental office to prevent the spread of infection and to provide a safe dental office environment for maintaining your oral health and wellness.

We have augmented our air purification and use HEPA filtration to eliminate airborne pathogens and bacteria. When you receive your dental care, we will be using technology that reduces aerosols, a common side effect of most dental procedures.

Stay well, stay healthy. Routine dental care has been shown to support your overall physical health, your immune system and ability to fight infection. If you have concerns about your upcoming dental visit please call our office so we can address your questions.

A letter to our patients from Dr. Freano:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to address the COVID-19 virus that is circulating our world. My office remains open with limited hours and services. I am available for urgent dental matters that cannot wait and other essential treatment needed that will prevent you from pain and infection in the near term. I am available for you and your friends that need care now. I have discontinued preventive visits, including teeth cleaning and checkups. Dental care that is important but not urgent will be delayed at this time. Exceptions will be made only for care that will prevent you from pain, infection or outcomes that will result in urgent care for you in the near future. I will use professional judgment, caution, and clinical experience as my guide.

We want you to know that you are safe to receive your needed care here as always.  My team is safe. We have an ample supply of gloves, masks and protective disinfectant material on hand and more from our supplier in transit now. The office building has intensified the cleaning of the public areas of our building.  Additional services have been added for the cleaning of doors, door handles, railings and elevator areas with disinfecting wipes. This will be permanent.

This is not the first contagious illness that has circulated the country nor will it be the last.  I have always followed the CDC guidelines and continue those practices each day.  I assure you that all of us are doing everything daily to provide you with a safe and disease-free environment to receive your dental care. In addition, my team has a safe workplace.

During this time of limited office hours, We will be reviewing every disinfection and sanitization practice based on the COVID-19 virus and further, the seasonal flu and other contagious micro-organisms we see every day. We, my team and I, will be implementing new steps now which you will see. We will share with you in advance, future directives from the CDC that we anticipate and will implement immediately. We are not waiting to receive them rather, we are using our training in infectious diseases and cross-contamination with my years of clinical experience to go beyond them now.

Feel free to call me directly at 859.296.9711 with questions or comments. All of you have supported me.  I am extremely thankful for each of you.  I am taking this seriously as I have in the past when the threats were the same or greater but the attention was much less. I am giving you the best information I have today and ask for your grace and understanding if what I say to you now needs to be modified in the future. I ask for your prayers for wisdom and understanding as we move forward. Lives will be saved by our actions today. Our lives going forward will have a new normal. I want our lives to have something to look forward to and be worth living as we return to all the activities we love so much. Keep calm and carry on because we must. I will stay in touch.


Doyle Freano, Jr. DMD